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Using organic cleaning solutions, an experienced professional will agitate and pull soil to the surface for quick and easy removal. Drying times are often less than one hour using this highly effective method, getting you and your family back to business. Your carpet will stay cleaner longer. This method is often called Encapsulation or Very Low Moisture (VLM) cleaning.

More about Fast Drying: After a thorough site vacuum, we use a light and safe pre-spray, known as Encapsulation, and heavy agitation to remove the soils bond with the carpet fiber.  The soil is crystallized (encapsulated) during the quick-drying process and finally removed with a final vacuum step.  Due to the thorough process of agitation and final soil removal, the carpet fibers are lifted resulting in a very dramatic, like-new, appearance to the carpet.  Drying time is typically less than one hour, before the technician leaves your house.