Making a New Booking

One time vs recurring cleanings

Recurring Cleaning

Eco Carpet Pro offers quarterly, every 6 month or yearly cleaning at a discounted rate.  These cleanings are automatically scheduled on the same day and time based on the interval you select. We send a reminder email and text message to let you know of upcoming cleanings and at any time you can log into your account to skip or reschedule service.

One-off Cleaning

You can schedule one-off cleanings at any time. Please note discounts are available for recurring cleaning (and with recurring cleaning you benefit from convenient recurring service with the same cleaning professional)

How payment works

Eco Carpet Pro only accepts credit/debit card payment for service, however your card is not charged until after service is completed.  Please note that on the day before service a pre-authorization hold is made to your card. This is just a hold even though some banks may show this as a charge.  The final charge takes place after your service is completed. Click to schedule service below.

Redeeming gift card and coupons

Please enter the giftcard code directly on our booking form at checkout and your price will be automatically updated to reflect the giftcard credit.  You can also  login to you account at any time to see your giftcard value.

Using Account Credits

Enter your referral code on the booking page and the price is automatically updated to reflect your account credits.

When are we available, why do you have 3 hour window

Eco Carpet Pro’s hours of operations are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Our last scheduled service starts at 3:30 pm. Please click to schedule service below. Our 3 hour window allows us to handle the unpredictability of cleaning services.  Homes are different sizes and require different levels of effort needed to make them clean.  So predicting the time spent at a home is incredibly difficult. In addition, we have to deal with other unpredictable factors like traffic, weather etc. Thanks so much for understanding.

What does it cost?

Our pricing is based on the service you select. Simply go to ourbooking page and enter this information and you will get your price.

My Existing Booking

Add additional Notes or Instructions

Please login to you account and add any instructions to your booking. Alternatively, you can contact us here.

Request a receipt

Please note that a receipt is automatically emailed to you on the day of service. If you would like us to send another receipt, please contact us here.

Dispute a fee or charge

Please contact us here so we can research the issue and get back to you quickly.

Tip my professional

Tips are appreciated and you can tip in cash.  Alternatively, you can login to you account and add a tip to your booking.  Please note that you can also contact us here and we can add this to your account as well.

Report an issue

Please Click here to report any issues. Our goal is 100% happiness, and we will quickly address any issues you may have.

Reschedule or Cancel

If you reschedule at least 24 hours before service, please login to you account and select a new date.  Alternatively, you can contact us here and let us know. If you wish to cancel, Please login to you account to cancel your booking.  Please note that there is a $70 cancellation fee if cancellation is made after 5pm on the day before service.  Alternatively, you can contact us here and let us know.

Change my payment method– Please login to you account to update your credit card on file.

Change my payment method

Please login to you account to update your credit card on file.

Other Questions

Be a professional with Eco Carpet Pro

It’s easy to apply to be a Eco Carpet Pro professional. You can apply at

Partnerships or Marketing

We would love to chat with you about any strategic partnership ideas you may have in mind. Please contact us and let us know.  Our marketing team is always looking for cool collaborations and fun ventures. Look forward to hearing from you.

Found something that doesn’t quite work right on the site? Please let us know at this link and we’ll get right on it.  Can’t thank you enough!

Bug Reports

Found something that doesn’t quite work right on the site? Please let us know at this link and we’ll get right on it. Please, call us at 757 809 2228 to report bugs.  Can’t thank you enough!

Our Referral Program

Our Referral Program

You can refer a friend to Eco Carpet Pro by sharing a unique referral link. When a friend books with your referral link, they will be eligible for a discount on their first booking.  You will earn free credits to use toward future bookings when your friend completes their first booking.

To find your unique referral link login to you account and click the refer a friend link at the top. Alternatively you’ll find your link in your reminder emails as well.

You can redeem your referrals at any time by entering your referral code into the discount/promotion field on the booking form.

Our Service Area

Our Service Area

Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Williamsburg, Newport News, Yorktown, Hampton, Smithfield, Carrolton, Gloucester.

Zipcodes: 23320, 23321, 23322, 23323, 23324, 23325, 23502, 23503, 23504, 23505, 23506, 23507, 23508, 23509, 23510, 23511, 23513, 23517, 23518, 23521, 23523, 23701, 23702, 23703, 23704, 23707, 23432, 23434, 23435, 23451, 23452, 23453, 23454, 23455, 23456, 23457, 23459, 23460, 23461, 23462, 23463, 23464 23314, 23604, 23661, 23663, 23664, 23665, 23666, 23667, 23669, 23601, 23602, 23603, 23605, 23606, 23607, 23608, 23662, 23696, 23430, 23431, 23433, 23436, 23185, 23186, 23188, 23690, 23691, 23692, 23693

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